The American Academy of Innovation combines academic fundamentals; career, technology, and 21st-century skills, with international and community partnerships through project-based learning to ignite an innovative mindset within the individual and society.


Our vision is to empower the individual mind to improve the world.


The American Academy of Innovation is unique in its overall educational approach, meeting the purpose of increasing choice in learning opportunities and improving student learning, as required by Utah Code 53A-1a-503. Located in the Jordan School District, there is not another school offering the unique blend of a strong academic program using project-based learning combined with Career and Technological Education (CTE) courses to develop 21st Century Skills, using international partnerships to prepare students for success in the global market- place.

Along with that, the school will strive to identify students’ specific learning styles and then use a variety of methods to teach each skill and concept while building responsibility and ownership of education in students as they learn to find resources and develop techniques to help them learn using the methods best suited to their individual needs.