Will AAI have a uniform dress code? What is the dress code?

  • We will not have uniform requirements at AAI. We ask that our students will dress respectfully and appropriately for the activities of the day.  We respect the individuality of our student and want them to be able to express themselves in respectful dress.  See specifics regarding the policy on our policy page.

Will AAI have a Special Education department?

  • We will provide Special Education services based on the needs of the students registered.  During our first year, we will contract Special Education to ensure our students’ needs are met.

Will AAI provide Advanced Placement (AP) classes?

  • We will seek to identify as many advanced, engaging and unique course offerings as possible.  We have hired teachers that have taught both AP and concurrent enrollment.  

Are AAI teachers currently or will they be trained and experienced in the Experiential Learning Model?

  • Several of our teachers have prior training and experience with experiential learning. However, we have also planned into our onboarding experience additional training for our new AAI team before students start school in August.

What type of daily schedule will AAI implement? A/B Day? How many periods daily?

  • For grades 7th – 12th AAI will leverage an A/B schedule with four periods a day.  This allows for longer class periods and less time lost transitioning between classes.  We believe this will allow for better integration cross subject and allow for more in-depth instruction and project time.

Will AAI offer language classes? Which languages?

  • We have a full-time French teacher that can also teach Spanish.  We also intend to offer future sessions of Mandarin/Chinese.  

Will AAI have art classes?

  • We will offer fine art classes in a variety of mediums and seek to integrate art cross subject.

Will AAI have a music program?  Will AAI have an orchestra?

  • We do intend to offer a music program although choir is more likely than band or orchestra due to space and investment required.

Will AAI have a theater/drama program?

  • We do not intend to offer a specific theater program as this is a major focus of Early Light Academy which is one of our Charter neighbors.  We will encourage participating in Kensington Theatre for students interested in an amazing community theater experience http://www.southjordantheatre.com/

What is AAI’s projected teacher to student ratio?

  • We will have a 20:1 student/teacher ratio in 6th-grade.

What kind of testing will AAI implement?

  • AAI will meet Utah State standards.  Our school’s primary objective with assessments is to understand the learning style and adjust teaching methods to best meet each individual child’s ability to excel.

Will AAI have any kind of lunch program? Warm/hot?

  • A full kitchen will be included during the 1st year although all families should plan on providing sack lunches when the school first opens.  High School students will also be allowed to leave campus during lunch.  

Will AAI have athletic/sports teams? Will the sports teams be competitive?

  • We will offer after school programs including options related to sports.  Competition is typically between other Charter schools.

Will AAI have school dances and other student activities (student clubs)?

  • We believe that school dances and social activities are a crucial part of the student experience and teen years.  We will plan events and coordinate with other schools in the area where possible.

Will AAI students have the opportunity to travel to some of the foreign locations with which the school partners?

  • This is something we would like to offer to our students in the future.

Will AAI have a Driver’s Education program?

  • We will seek to team with local programs and schools to offer options to our high school students.

What grades will be considered “middle” school and “high” school at AAI?

  • By Utah state definition 6th is elementary, 7th – 9th is jr. high and 10th – 12th is high school.  From a scheduling and AAI perspective 6th – 8th will have the middle school scheduling (start/end times and lunch) and 9th – 12th will have the high school scheduling.  A significant priority in this recommendation is 9th grade is high school curriculum and is included in transcripts for college.

Once a student is accepted/registered as an AAI student, will they be able to continue on without re-applying to a lottery the next year?

  • Yes, students will retain their place at AAI unless they choose to not return in future years.

Will AAI students have homework?

  • Homework is not a focus at AAI, but should be leveraged more for additional needs, practice or prep/follow up for class.  AAI will focus on quality and not the quantity of work.  

Will AAI students be allowed to carry their backpacks around the school with them?

  • Yes, however, we will also provide lockers.

What is AAI’s mascot?

  • Students voted and decided on the Titans for AAI’s mascot. 

Will AAI students have lockers?

  • Yes lockers will be provided for our students

Will P.E. be dress down at AAI?

  • Yes, we will encourage students to have gym clothes for hygienic purposes.  Showers will not be available in the locker rooms.

Will AAI have locker rooms for both boys and girls P.E.?

  • Yes, there are separate areas specific for boys and girls P.E. dressing rooms next to the gym.

Will AAI have immunization requirements for each student?

  • AAI will follow Utah State law which includes the collection of immunization records.  Families/students that choose to be excluded from immunizations must provide the appropriate exemption (consistent with all Utah public schools).

Will AAI have “sibling priority”?

  • Yes, AAI will follow the Utah Charter requirements for enrollment.  This includes priority to students of founding families, students of teachers as well as sibling priority. These priorities will be given prior to lottery enrollment.

Will there be a bus option for AAI students?

  • Although we cannot provide bus options, we are conveniently located right next to the South Jordan Parkway Trax station.  Often families are also able to arrange carpools.  

How will incoming AAI students’ grades get transferred from their previous school?

  • Upon completion of the registration packets, our AAI Office Staff will work to coordinate with the sending school to obtain school records.