Educational Philosophy

The American Academy of Innovation is unique in its overall educational approach– meeting the needs of increasing individual choice in learning opportunities and improving student learning, as required by Utah Code 53A-1a-503. AAI offers the unique blend of strong academic programming using project-based learning combined with Career and Technological Education (CTE) courses to develop 21st Century Skills. AAI then incorporates international partnerships to prepare students for success in the global marketplace.  In addition, the school will strive to identify students’ specific learning styles and then use a variety of innovative methods to teach each skill and concept while building responsibility and ownership of education in students. Students will learn to find resources and develop techniques to help them learn using the methods best suited to their individual needs.


AAI believes in experiential learning where students solve real-world problems every day through meaningful projects. As they reflect on these experiences, they come to understand the relevance of their education.  Students learn to generalize this understanding as they apply it to new situations.


We believe in the importance of students possessing 21st Century Skills. These skills include creative and critical thinking, collaboration and technological literacy. Our students will attain personal skills such as being flexible, productive, and socially aware in order to become leaders in their community and throughout the world.


AAI believes in a core set of skills and knowledge that are necessary for success in postsecondary studies and life. Ideally, these fundamentals teach students how to learn rather than what to learn. We believe that global and community values and learning enable students to excel in their lives.


We believe in leaders who exhibit the proper kind of custodianship—leaders who seek service over self-interest. Service Leadership is a vital skill to possess in navigating daily life with an outward mindset. By working collaboratively with other American Academy of Innovation students, faculty, international, and community partnerships students will have significant and meaningful opportunities to serve and to develop these critical leadership skills.


AAI believes in developing and maintaining strong partnerships within our local and global communities. American Academy of Innovation will be partnering with different international universities and businesses where students will collaborate to find solutions to real-world problems. Students of American Academy of Innovation will be involved in various aspects of local and international projects. Science, math, technology, social science, business and language arts professionals will be actively involved in many of the projects at AAI. By combining project-based learning and development of technology skills with real-world, international application, it will create a school culture where students will be uniquely and very adequately prepared for participation in the global marketplace.


We believe in positively impacting the world. by fostering creativity, problem-solving abilities, and technological & career skills in our students. Our implementation of collaborative project-based learning encourages cooperation, diverse personalities, perspectives. It also fosters an understanding of how positive change can arise when you work with and learn from others.


AAI believes in the power of technology and in the substantial role technology plays in modern industry. Career and Technical Education (CTE) provides students with an innovative experience driven by Plan for College and Career Readiness. Through hands-on projects students are given a solid foundation for future careers and personal success in their field. CTE prepares students for careers that are high in demand and that are part of the economic development of the state, surrounding regions, and the world.


We believe in the creative capacity of human innovation. At AAI we will empower our students to keep open minds, ask questions, and take charge of their own educational experiences. They will be encouraged to think outside the box and develop unique and creative solutions to real problems.


AAI believes in providing a safe culture and environment to allow students to think, explore, question, create, and innovate. Teachers facilitate and encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning.  Teachers and students will not be limited by traditional roles, textbooks, supplies, and methodology. Working collaboratively, each individual student will be empowered to learn creatively and bring their own unique thoughts, experiences, and viewpoints to the classroom.